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Frequently imitated, never duplicated!

What’s a Flaxie Pack?

Flaxie Packs are 100% natural heating and cooling packs available in 3 sizes: Flaxie Original (9” x 12”), Flaxie Wrap (5” x 22”) and Flaxie Small (4.5” x 11”). Generously filled with pure, farm-fresh flax seed, each Flaxie Pack is made in America from the highest quality cotton fabric. All seams are double-sewn for durability. No added fragrances or preservatives.

Why Flax Seed?

Our flax seed grown on a family farm in South Dakota—one of the only places in the U.S. it stays cool enough year-round to field a crop. Shipped to our east coast workrooms in small batches, our flax seed is fresh and pure. These tiny, silken seeds are up to 40% oil, and provide long-lasting warm or cool comfort with no unpleasant scent. Flax seed also weighs less and distributes more evenly than rice, corn, beans, barley or fruit pits, which  often dry out quickly and can develop an unpleasant odor.

Flaxie Packs are all about comfort, and bringing a little luxury to your life for less than pennies a day. Because pampering yourself doesn’t have to be expensive—or elaborate! True luxury is in the little things. Like a hot cup of tea. Your favorite fleece blanket. Line-dried cotton sheets. One exquisite Zoe’s truffle. Or a gently heated or lightly cooled Flaxie Pack.